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Looking for Eimish

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Film Looking for Eimish 2012 en streaming

Looking for Eimish (2012) streaming vf

The young Lucas shares a flat with her partner Eimish in Madrid. One day to buy a rose for her, which prevents her crossing the street when she left. When he gets home he finds a letter that says he is going to Germany. It is then that without a second thought, and acting for the first time in his life moved by impulse, decides to take the first train traveling to Berlin to try to convince his girlfriend to come back to his side. When he reach the city he will realize that she is not there, so he decides to take new direction to Verona (Italy). But things get worse in the adventure: she must stand up to certain situations in her past, and he will change his idea about family and love.

  • Ana Rodríguez Rosell

Date de sortie: 2012-11-09
TMDb: 5/10
  • Pays: ES
  • Language: Español
  • Durée: 85